Today we announced that Will Hindmarch is our first advisor for Protagonist Labs. I’m over the moon about this news. I mean, I know that’s not physically possible and how would I even breathe in outer space let alone get up there in the first place but shut up I’m excited here okay?

Will is a respected designer and writer who has worked across a wide variety of media. While best known for his game design work – where he has been involved in some of the most influential tabletop and video games out there – he is also a writer of great skill and a deep thinker about the creative process.

Getting to know Will and inducting him into our circle of trusted allies has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me so far in this new startup. He brings unique perspectives and experience to the table, is a generous collaborator, and is a person of great integrity. He also shares our sense of excitement about the opportunity we’re working on.

I’m really proud to know him, and to have him involved in our efforts!